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You've found your way to Kendra Hamilton's kitchen, where something spicy is always cooking. Here, you can check out my debut poetry collection, The Goddess of Gumbo, and even purchase a copy on line. You can read about what's old and new in Southern style and Southern culture on my blog, "The Goddess of Gumbo's Sugar Hollow Diary." You can ride along on some of my legendary road trips or learn more about my research into the mystery and romance of the Gullah/Geechee Coast. My site's under construction but soon there will be all this and a whole lot more. So, c'mon child. Sidle on over to the stove and let me ladle you up a nice big bowl. Don't forget the hot sauce!


"Hamilton's Voice is Strong and Clear..."

The book editor at the Baton Rouge Advocate sure liked The Goddess of Gumbo. Here are a few choice quotes... "In her new book, The Goddess of Gumbo, Hamilton explores issues of race, love, memory and failed experctations in 28 free verse offerings.

"More than memory and lyric language, each of Hamilton's poems is a story...

"She is a master of sweet words, fine metaphor and evocative simile, yet when you consider what she's writing about, her work has a bite..."

Word Press's Kevin Walzer said, "Blending elegant music, a sharp eye for the grace and fragility of human experience, and deep-set roots in the South, these poems announce Hamilton as an exceptionally talented, capable, and accomplished artist. You will not read a stronger or more distinctive debut collection of poems in a long, long time." Full story...