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Spoleto Diary II: A Tale of Two Operas

First allow me to whine that I could only stay for the first week­end of the Spo­leto Fes­ti­val. There’s so much stuff I want to see! Stuff like: Le Sacre du Print­emps per­formed by Com­pag­nie Heddy Maalem, with dancers from Mali, Sene­gal, Benin, Mozam­bique and chore­og­ra­phy that’s draws on mod­ern dance, bal­let, and African dance. (Sound

Spoleto Diary I

For the past few days, I’ve been in Charleston, SC, for the open­ing of the Spo­leto Fes­ti­val USA. The fes­ti­val is some­thing I try to make every year, partly because it’s one of the pre­miere per­form­ing arts fes­ti­vals in the coun­try and it’s held in my home­town. But I also work at the festival–more pre­cisely


This blog has been idle for many moons and, to my friends and fel­low trav­el­ers in cyber world, I apol­o­gize. The only excuse I can offer is that I’ve been lost in the uni­verse between my ears–writing the dis­ser­ta­tion that was the rea­son I moved to cen­tral Vir­ginia … Lord, going on 15 years ago