Monthly Archives: August 2010

Zen worrying & the fall garden

I’m learn­ing a few things about myself now that I’m set­tling into these 50-year-old bones and set­tling into the notion that noth­ing in my life is as I thought it would be. Learn­ing, for exam­ple, that much as I want to be, much as I’ve striven to be one over the years, I am not

Liveblogging the blizzard…

This is an oops. I made this post and for­got to pub­lish it back at Christ­mas­time. But now that we’ve had the hottest, dri­est sum­mer since 2002–our record drought–it’s kind of inter­est­ing to see what was going on a few short months ago … So I decided to pub­lish it. _______ I always take weather fore­casts with