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School’s Out!

For sum­mer, but not for­ever. I’m done with grad­ing. I’ll be blog­ging again soon.  

25 Random Things

1. Birds love me. Espe­cially hawks. I used to get vis­its from a red-tailed hawk and a Cooper’s hawk (sep­a­rately of course). They’d fly down to my deck to check out the action at the bird feeder and look in the win­dow at me. The vis­its stopped after I took down the feed­ers, and so

Liveblogging the blizzard…

This is an oops. I made this post and for­got to pub­lish it back at Christ­mas­time. But now that we’ve had the hottest, dri­est sum­mer since 2002–our record drought–it’s kind of inter­est­ing to see what was going on a few short months ago … So I decided to pub­lish it. _______ I always take weather fore­casts with

What’s up, doc?

Nobody’s seen me in a while… Here’s the rea­son: So July 4th is Inde­pen­dence Day for REAALLL!