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Listen to your mama… Mama Earth.

How to Grow More Vegetables I

I’m eight years old again. My mother has planned a huge birth­day party for me, with cake and bal­loons and all my friends from school. (No, no clowns, or jug­glers or face painters, but it didn’t take much to please us in those days.) I have a new dress to wear in my favorite blue–royal. And

The Thing Called Hope

Far too reg­u­larly, I seem to suc­cumb to despair. The things I care about seem so obvi­ous to me–and yet so unim­por­tant to my own fam­ily mem­bers and most of the peo­ple I know. My strug­gle with indus­trial food, for exam­ple … Some­times I can’t help but won­der what I’m doing, why it mat­ters to

Signs of spring

Just one week ago, amid chilly show­ers and dip­ping tem­per­a­tures, spring seemed to be reced­ing even as the cal­en­dar advanced. The early bloomers–the win­ter jas­mine and forsythia–were still blaz­ing along for all the world as if it were Feb­ru­ary, while I had  spot­ted only one flow­er­ing tree–a lonely lit­tle apricot–giving a show from the median

Spring Fever

While Baby worked on the site plan, I’ve been work­ing dili­gently on a com­pan­ion plant­ing scheme for our gar­den on 10–1/2 Street. See, I have this whole thing about weeding–as in hat­ing it, espe­cially while sweat­ing and swat­ting bugs in July. So I want to try  some­thing I’ve only read about: plant­ing bioin­ten­sively. You could