I know what it is like to feel as if everyone is having epic sex but you. 


Like you want to enjoy sex but your experiences are mediocre, performative, and underwhelming. 


If you’re ready to unlock a vibrant and ecstatic sex life and experience more pleasure, more confidence, more intimacy and more desire you are in the right place! 


"Learning to be in pleasure is a process, a skill to be practiced.”

- Meredith Reynolds


“Our bodies are a wise and crucial part of the healing process.”


- Kendra Hamilton



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We work with people who are experiencing fear, shame and anxiety related to sex and help them create active fulfilling sex lives in which they are having, wanting and confidently enjoying sex on a regular basis.

We do this using an integrative and psychologically backed coaching methodology - which we call Bodacious Embodiment!

Bodacious Embodiment combines tantric and somatic practices - which are body-based practices - with traditional cognitive therapeutic methods to help clients overcome subconscious blocks to pleasure and arousal.

Overall clients experience more intimacy, more energy, more pleasure, more passion and more confidence in their sexual selves in and out of the bedroom! 



“There is the potential to have the most ecstatic sex of your life in a long-term relationship. But it requires an approach that is the opposite of trying to force and replicate what worked in the honeymoon phase.”


- Kendra Hamilton




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“We are in profound, desperate need of mindful attention and care for our intimate lives.”


- Cassie Moore





Kendra Hamilton, VITA Certifed Sex Coach, Registered Professional Counsellor & Somatic Sex Educator

Kendra is a VITA Certified Sex Coach, Registered Professional Counsellor, and Certified Somatic Sex Educator. 

She combines tantric and somatic practices - VITA Method (Vital and Integrated Tantric approach), Havening, breath work, mindfulness, self-touch, somatic awareness -  with traditional cognitive therapeutic methods. 

She is strongly informed by client-centered and strengths-based therapeutic approaches, while using a trauma informed lens. Her practice is also informed by Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), and Solution Focused Therapy.

She works out of an office in Burlington, Ontario, CANADA. She is available for virtual and in-person sessions in Eastern Time (ET). 

If you want more intimacy, more energy, more pleasure, more passion and more sexual confidence, email us to set up a 30-minute Bodacious consult call to gain clarity on the next step to the sex life of your dreams!



“The long history of patriarchal power in our ancestry can be wound in the body in such a way that even when the mind shifts, the body still holds the imprinting.”


- Kate Spataro







“One third of the people in psychotherapy just need to learn to masturbate better.”


- Joseph Kramer






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